Rappenloch Gorge

From Gütle to the Rappenloch and Alploch gorges: ... a truly amazing natural phenomenon!

Rappenloch gorge

One of the largest gorges in central Europe

The impressive Rappenloch gorge is one of the largest in central Europe, and is situated a mere five kilometres from the centre of Dornbirn, at the access point to the Walser village of Ebnit. With impressive rock walls closing in on both sides, narrow stairways, dark tunnels and fascinating cascades, exploring the gorge is an exciting adventure.

Connected by the picturesque Staufen lake, the Rappenloch and Alploch gorges are approximately 1 kilometre apart. The thundering water and impressive waterfall in the Rappenloch gorge contrast strikingly with the tranquility of the idyllic Staufen lak

The Rappenloch gorge on the interactive map

Opening times and guided tours

Depending on weather and unavoidable conservation work, the Rappenloch and Alploch gorges' scheduled season is from approx. the end of April until mid-November.  

During the summer months of July and August, free guided tours of the Rappenloch gorge will be available every Tuesday at 10.30.

Visits start in Gütle, where the meeting point is the 41metre redwood tree close to the Christmas Crib and the Rolls Royce museums.

Rappenloch gorge