Karren by cable car

Relax in the cool mountain air high above Dornbirn: visit the Karren peak.

Karren cable car

Karren cable car Dornbirn

A 5-minute trip by cable car whisks you up to the heights of the Karren peak, Dornbirn's "local" mountain: and there's an added bonus - the ticket prices are among the cheapest in the area! The fabulous view extends over the entire Lower Rhine Valley and across the lake to Germany and Switzerland. On days when the Föhn wind is blowing, the whole of Lake Constance lies shimmering at your feet.

From the top station of the cable car a well-marked network of excellent footpaths branches out into the surrounding countryside. Choose from a variety of routes, ranging from family walks, like the one to the mountain village of Ebnit, to a selection of challenging tours for experienced mountain hikers.

Karren on the interactive map

Departures every 15 minutes

Summer timetable  to 10th November 2019

Monday to Thursday 9.00 - 23.00
Friday 9.00 - 24.00
Saturday 9.00 - 24.00
Sunday 9.00 - 23.00

The panorama restaurant

Glass-walled restaurant seating 150
Parlour, featuring a fresco by Leopold Fetz, seating 40  
Rhine Valley parlour seating 35, also available for private gatherings
Terrace, seating 200 (Bookings only taken on the day).

To book a table please contact:
Tel: +43 5572 54711 or email: info(at)panorama-karren.at